MOVING FAMILIES, 2. in 3. marec 2018

Vrhunska  delavnica :) DRUŽINE V GIBANJU /Dimitrios Zachos


“Dear Neva, dear Dimitrios,


First of all I would like to thank both for such a great experience. 

It was just fantastick to connect with myself in such a way. I was surprised how easy it was for me to just stay with my body without thinking about anything. It was a play that really mirrored my life. I could find myself, my feelings, fears, attittudes in every move I made. It was magical and intense at the same time. It was a gift for myself.


I felt you Dimitrios as a very peacefull, compassionate person that really allows everybody and gives and opportunity to have its own place. It really warmed me from inside. If you would be here in Slovenija I would love to learn from you, but I am sure we will meet again.


This workshop really connected with cranio sacral sessions and psihoterapy I am having for a year know and it was a push on on some levels aswell.


I can not decsribe the beauty after every release of whatever keeps me of not going on freely.


So thank you both for everything and sending Light and Love.”   




Irina: “This worksop was one of the best I attended before. 

First of all I like the approuch of teaching, Dimitrios encorage to think and not only accept information. 

And every thought have had weight, represented slowly and students have had time to fill this weight. 


I was happy to experience the filing of awareness last day of workshop, it was simply happend, because of  the process of educational therapy. 


Many thanks to Dimitrios and I’d glad to attend the Laban analisis workshop. “